Executive Support has been a great asset to this company.  Always has a great attitude when answering our phones, scheduling appointments and when dealing with our staff.  Computer skills are up to date enabling to perform extra designing duties for any company.  Executive Support has always been a great help to the staff of this home improvement company and continues to go beyond agreed terms.  Executive Support works hard on helping with any clerical task!

           Office Manager
           Home Improvement Company 

Executive Support has provided services for our company for the past 18 years.  The services provided included, but were not limited to, document preparation, notary services, mailings, and phone support.  Executive Support is always prompt and professional when completing any service for our company.

            Sales Training Company

Executive Support has been in business for the past 25 years.  Has extensive experience in office support that included computer knowledge, graphic design, and helps with the technical support for businesses, in our office complex.  Answers the phones professionally and is always pleasant.  When needed, Executive Support helps with the on site assistance for our Property Management Office.  Executive Support is a great asset to any support system.


             Former On-Site Property Manager 

             Office Park 

As the new Property Manager for the Office Park I can speak very highly of Lynn.  Lynn handled quite a few of the day to day operations including providing excellent customer service to the tenant base.  She takes pride in being knowledgeable about the property.  She is trustworthy, honest and excellent with follow through.  

             Property Manager 

             Office Park 

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Many compliments on my business cards.

            General Contractor